Since you have finished your novel, Something Upstairs, before the other literature group, you will be required to complete an extension project. You will have about a week to complete it. You may choose from any of the projects below, just remember that you must be able to work in a volume 0 atmosphere in order to keep from disrupting the other group. Also, make sure it is a project that you understand.

  • Comics: Create a series of comics that feature main events/ideas of our novel. Use one of the following links for your work.
    • Make a Marvel Comic Book that is based on the events from Something Upstairs. You won't be able to follow the plot exactly, but add a superhero into the plot to make a whole new story.
    • MakeBeliefs comics. Try to "recreate" important scenes from the book. Note: You'll need to print each comic as you go (no save feature available).

  • Using Windows Movie Maker, write/create a book trailer.

  • Create a newspaper that covers the headlines of the story. Use Printing Press The newspaper should be fun, yet accurate. Be creative and show effort.

  • Characters Facebook Profile--Create a Facebook Profile for the characters in Something Upstairs using Profile Publisher. Follow the directions on the site.